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  • Fully automatic rotary retort
    Post time: 04-10-2024

    DTS automatic rotary retort suitable for soup cans with high viscosity, when sterilizing the cans in the rotating body driven by 360 ° rotation, so that the contents of the slow movement, improve the speed of heat penetration at the same time to achieve uniform heating a...Read more »

  • What role does thermal sterilization play in the food industry?
    Post time: 04-03-2024

    In recent years, as consumers demand more and more food flavor and nutrition, the impact of food sterilization technology on the food industry is also growing. Sterilization technology plays an important role in the food industry, not only can ...Read more »

  • Sterilization of canned chickpeas
    Post time: 03-28-2024

    Canned chickpeas is a popular food product, this canned vegetable can usually be left at room temperature for 1-2 years, so do you know how it is kept at room temperature for a long period of time without deterioration? First of all, it is to achieve the standard of comm...Read more »

  • How to choose a suitable retort or autoclave
    Post time: 03-21-2024

    In food processing, sterilization is an essential part. Retort is a commonly used commercial sterilization equipment in food and beverage production, which can extend the shelf life of products in a healthy and safe way. There are many types of retorts. How to choose a retort that suits your prod...Read more »

  • DTS invitation to Anuga Food Tec 2024 exhibition
    Post time: 03-15-2024

    DTS will participate in Anuga Food Tec 2024 exhibition in Cologne, Germany, from 19th to 21st March. We will meet you in Hall 5.1,D088. If you have any questions or needs about food retort, you can contact me or meet us at the exhibition. We are looking forward to meeting you very much. Read more »

  • Reasons affecting the heat distribution of the retort
    Post time: 03-09-2024

    When it comes to factors affecting heat distribution in a retort, there are several key factors to consider. First of all, the design and structure inside the retort is crucial to heat distribution. Secondly, there is the issue of the sterilization method used. Using the...Read more »

  • Advantages of Steam and Air Retort
    Post time: 03-02-2024

    DTS is a company specializing in the production, research and development and manufacture of food high temperature retort, in which the steam and air retort is a high temperature pressure vessel using the mixture of steam and air as the heating medium to sterilize variou...Read more »

  • Safety performance and operation precautions of retort
    Post time: 02-26-2024

    As we all know, retort is a high-temperature pressure vessel, the safety of the pressure vessel is crucial and should not be underestimated. DTS retort in the safety of particular attention, then we use the sterilization retort is to choose the pressure vessel in line with the safety norms, the s...Read more »

  • Autoclave: Prevention of botulism poisoning
    Post time: 02-01-2024

    High-temperature sterilization allows food to be stored at room temperature for months or even years without the use of chemical preservatives. However, if sterilization is not carried out in accordance with standard hygienic procedures and under a suitable sterilization process, it may pose food...Read more »

  • Sterilization of canned fruits and vegetables: DTS sterilization solution
    Post time: 01-20-2024

    We can provide retort machines for canned fruits and vegetables for canned food manufacturers such as green beans, corn, peas, chickpeas, mushrooms, asparagus, apricots, cherries, peaches, pears, asparagus, beets, edamame, carrots, potatoes, etc. They can be stored at ro...Read more »

  • Outstanding Impact of Fully Automated Batch Retort System Sterilization Lines on the Food and Beverage Industry
    Post time: 01-08-2024

    Automatic sterilization production line plays a very important role in the production process of food as well as beverage production industry. Automation makes production more convenient, efficient and accurate, and reduces the cost of the enterprise while realizing mass...Read more »

  • Fully automatic sterilization retort system equipment features
    Post time: 12-28-2023

    Loader, transfer station,retort,and unloader tested! The FAT test of a Fully automatic unmanned sterilization retort system for a pet food supplier was successfully completed this week. Want to know how this production process works? ...Read more »

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