Characteristics of Multi-functional Lab Retort

Suitable for new product research and development

In order to meet the needs of factories, universities and research institute laboratories in developing new products and new processes, DTS has launched a small laboratory sterilization equipment to provide users with comprehensive and efficient support. This equipment can have multiple functions such as steam, spray, water bath and rotation at the same time.

Formulate sterilization formula

We are equipped with an F0 value testing system and a sterilization monitoring and recording system. By formulating accurate sterilization formulas for new products and simulating actual sterilization environments for testing, we can effectively reduce losses during the research and development process and improve the yield of mass production.

Operational safety

The unique cabinet design concept ensures that experimental personnel can enjoy maximum safety and convenience when performing operations, thus improving work efficiency and experimental quality.

Compliant with HACCP and FDA/USDA certification

DTS has experienced thermal verification experts and is also a member of IFTPS in the United States. It maintains close cooperation with FDA-certified third-party thermal verification agencies. By serving many North American customers, DTS has an in-depth understanding and superb application of FDA/USDA regulatory requirements and cutting-edge sterilization technology. DTS's professional services and experience are crucial for companies that pursue high quality, especially for the international market,

Equipment stability

Adopting Siemens' top PLC control system, the system has excellent automatic management functions. During the operation, the system will immediately issue a warning to the operators if any improper operation or error occurs, prompting them to quickly take appropriate corrective measures to ensure the safety and stability of the production process.

Energy saving and efficiency improvement

It can be equipped with the spiral wound heat exchanger developed by DTS, whose efficient heat exchange capacity helps reduce energy consumption. In addition, the equipment is equipped with professional anti-vibration devices to completely eliminate noise interference in the working environment and create a quiet and focused R&D space for users.

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Post time: Apr-24-2024