New technology of DTS steam-air mixed sterilization retort

DTS newly developed steam fan circulating sterilization retort, the latest technology in the industry, the equipment can be applied to a variety of packaging forms, killing no cold spots, fast heating speed and other advantages.

The fan-type sterilization kettle does not need to be evacuated by steam. The rotation of the fan can break the air cooling mass, forcing the steam to flow along the air channel, and forming a parallel circulation in the gap of the food tray, so that the steam in the kettle moves, and the heat penetration of the food is more Fast, the sterilization effect is more uniform. During the sterilization process, no preheating is required, which saves the initial time of preheating and greatly shortens the time of sterilization.

The sterilization heating and heat preservation process does not use water, and does not need hot steam to heat the process water, which can save a lot of steam energy consumption and water energy consumption.

The ventilated turbo fan in the fan-type sterilization retort will force the steam to be adsorbed to all products from one end to the other end of the retort   , covering all products, and always keep the steam circulation in the retort to make the sterilization without cold spots.

The fan-type sterilization retort has more free control of pressure and temperature, can be back-pressure cooled, and has a wider range of applications. It can be applied to all high-temperature sterilization products such as flexible packaging, bottles, cans, snack foods, and meat products.

Post time: Jul-30-2020