Preservation of canned food (Sterilization machines)

Canned food, as the name suggests, is canned, a mention of canned I believe the first thing that comes to mind is his long shelf life, as well as the technology and hard work additives and preservatives. However, and these stereotypes is the opposite, canned food in fact do not need those additives and preservatives can do a long time to save, it has its own anti-corrosion tricks.

Let’s learn more about the reasons for the long shelf life of canned goods. General shelf life of canned goods are between one to three years, in fact, the reason why it can realize the ultra-long shelf life has two important reasons. First, it is ultra-high sealing environment, and ultra-high content of sugar and salt, canned food is first sterilized process to kill the bacterial residue, in the vacuum as well as high sugar, high salt to further inhibit bacterial reproduction, and thereafter, in the storage of only need to be kept in a cool and dry environment to avoid the impact of damage to the packaging, can be stored for a long time.

The second point, but also the most important point is the sterilization process of canned goods, general canned goods packaging materials are tinplate, in the sterilization not only to ensure that the sterilization is thorough, but also to ensure that the sterilization does not destroy the package material, to retain the original flavor of the food, which is not an easy thing to do, so now the large tinplate canned food manufacturers basically use steam rotary kettle sterilization, not only the sterilization effect is good, do not destroy the food package material, but also maximize the sterilization effect, not to destroy the food! package material, but also to ensure maximum flavor. In addition, according to the package materials and product contents of different sterilization equipment is not the same, for example, sweet and thick porridge, generally use the water bath rotary sterilizing kettle, which has a fast heat transfer speed, sterilization effect is good, but also will not lead to the internal precipitation of porridge layered to destroy the taste.

See here you understand how canned goods are preserved?   

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Post time: Sep-07-2023