Thermal sterilization method of food

Thermal sterilization is to seal the food in the container and put it in the sterilization equipment, heat it to a certain temperature and keep it for a period of time, the period is to kill the pathogenic bacteria, toxin-producing bacteria and spoilage bacteria in the food, and destroy the food The enzyme, as far as possible to maintain the original flavor, color, tissue shape and nutritional content of the food content, and meet commercial sterility requirements.

Classification of thermal sterilization

According to the sterilization temperature:

Pasteurization, low temperature sterilization,high temperature sterilization, high temperature sterilization for a short time.

According to the sterilization pressure:

Pressure sterilization(such as water as the heating medium, sterilization temperature ≤100), pressure sterilization (using steam or water as the heating medium, the common sterilization temperature is 100-135℃).

According to the way of filling the food container during the sterilization process:
Gap type and continuous type.

According to the heating medium:
Can be divided into steam type, water sterilization (full water type, water spray type, etc.), gas, steam, water mixed sterilization.

According to the movement of the container during the sterilization process:
For static and rotary sterilization.

Post time: Jul-30-2020