Warmly celebrate DTS Nestlé Turkey project successfully passed Nestlé’s Temperature Distribution Testing

Shandong Dingtaisheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., as a leader in the domestic food and beverage sterilization industry, has made continuous progress and innovation on the way forward, and has won the unanimous recognition and trust of customers at home and abroad.

It is worth mentioning in many projects that this year DTS won the ready-to-drink coffee project of Nestlé Turkey OEM company, supplying a full set of equipment for water spray rotary sterilization retort, and docking with the filling machine of GEA in Italy and Krones in Germany.During this period, from production and processing, to FAT, to installation and commissioning at one go; "have a convincing strength", DTS team strict requirements for equipment quality, rigorous and meticulous technical solutions, won the end customer, the United States The praise of Nestlé experts and South American third-party certification personnel.After more than ten days of collaborative cooperation, the heat distribution of the DTS sterilizer in static and rotating state is fully qualified, and successfully passed Nestlé's strict thermal verification.


What is thermal verification? Why is thermal verification highly valued by high-end customers? What advantages does DTS have to be qualified for this job?

Thermal verification, that is, when performing heat treatment on the product, verify that the temperature of each part of the thermal sterilization equipment is uniform and consistent during the sterilization constant temperature process, and then verify whether the sterilization process can achieve food safety, thereby optimizing the process to improve product quality and shorten the process time. In the field of filled beverages, only qualified and effective sterilization can destroy or kill the enzymes and microorganisms in the beverage itself, and ensure that the products meet commercial sterility requirements. Therefore, thermal verification is one of the key factors to ensure product safety, and is one of the important requirements of the US FDA for food and beverage manufacturers. However, there is no uniform standard for thermal verification testing of thermal sterilization equipment at home and abroad, but Nestlé's requirements are very strict. Only equipment manufacturers with excellent quality, reliable performance and a sound system can be included in their list of suppliers. This is also the basis for DTS to survive, develop and prosper.

DTS has a professional, young and energetic R&D team, "high-end, precision, top-notch" processing equipment, seeks for change in the exploration, innovates in the change. I believe that DTS will go farther and farther and create a better life.


Post time: Jul-30-2020