What issues should be paid attention to before purchasing a retort?

Before customizing a retort, it is usually necessary to understand your product properties and packaging specifications. For example, rice porridge products require a rotary retort to ensure the heating uniformity of high-viscosity materials. The packaged meat products use water spray retort. Process water and heating water don’t directly contact each other to avoid secondary pollution to packaging. A small amount of process water is quickly circulated and quickly reach the preset temperature and save 30% of steam. It is recommended to use water immersion retort for large packaged food, which is suitable for easily deformed containers.

For water spray retort, The band-shaped wave-type hot water continuously sprays with fan-shaped from the nozzle installed in the retort to the products to be sterilized, heat diffusion is fast and heat transfer is uniform. The retort adopts a simulated temperature control system. According to the requirements of different foods for sterilization conditions, the heating and cooling programs can be set at any time, so that each type of food can be sterilized in the best state, thus avoiding the disadvantage of large heat damage in the same way as high temperature and high pressure sterilization.

High-temperature sterilization does not refer to the process of halogenation, but refers to the use of a retort to sterilize after packaging. The heat preservation pressure of the retort should be set to 3Mpa, the temperature should be set to 121°C, and the counter pressure should cool down during cooling. The sterilization time depends on the product specification. To be sure, the temperature drops below 40 ℃ before getting it out from the retort.

Generally, appropriate packaging materials must be selected, and after sterilization above 121 °C, they can be stored at room temperature, and their shelf life can be as long as 6 months or more than one year. For sterilization, aluminum foil, glass jars and flexible packaging plastics are commonly used.

In addition to paying attention to production capacity and sterilization process when purchasing a autoclave, production safety is also a top priority. DTS autoclave adopts Siemens PLC control system, which has a high degree of automation, simple operation and stable equipment operation.

The temperature deviation of the automatic retort is controlled at ±0.3℃, and the pressure can be controlled at ±0.05Bar. When the operation is wrong, the system will remind the operator to make an effective response in time. Each piece of equipment is shipped by technicians who come to guide the installation and provide training and after-sales consulting services for industrial workers at the production and operation site.

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Post time: Jun-30-2022